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Director / Producer: Jeanie Finlay
Jeanie is a British artist and filmmaker who is obsessed with music and telling other people’s stories. Her previous work includes SOUND IT OUT, Goth Cruise, Teenland (BBC4). Currently in production:  ORION: The Man Who Would be King and Pantomime

“As soon as I read about the deception Silibil n’ Brains pulled off I knew I wanted to make a film about their story. I was intrigued with how the lie took on a life of it’s own and ran away from them.

Everybody lies everyday, as much as 10 times in 3 minutes when we meet someone new. Lying is a fundamental part of human nature – but what happens when you lie about your whole identity to get what you want? I felt haunted by the idea that the boys changed themselves fundamentally, all for the hollow promise of fame. I wanted to discover how they did it and what the lasting effect on them was…

I couldn’t have pulled it off, I am a terrible liar!”

Photo: Jo Irvine

Producer: Al Morrow

Al Morrow


Al is an award-winning producer and Head of Documentary at Met Film Production. Her films include the critically acclaimed Town Of Runners (dir. Jerry Rothwell), the Grierson nominated films Men Who Swim (dir. Dylan Williams) and Donor Unknown (dir. Jerry Rothwell) also winner of the Audience (online) Award at The Tribeca Film Festival; Heavy Load and Deep Water winner of the Grierson Award for Best Cinema Documentary.

Her latest feature documentary, Sarah Gavron’s Village At The End Of The World, received its World Premiere at the 2012 BFI London Film Festival and will be released in the UK by
Dogwoof in 2013.

Al is currently in production on Sarah McCarthy’s The Dark Matter Of Love and films on her development slate include, Jeanie Finlay’s Pantomime, Jerry Rothwell’s How To Change The World (BFI), Katie Mark’s Street Girls (Sundance Worldview) and Poppy Simpsons The Method and the Madness.

Al’s films have been bought and/or co-produced by a range of international distributors and broadcasters including BBC, Channel 4, Pathe, VPRO (Netherlands), ITVS (US), PBS (US), ARTE (France), Fox (Italy), RAI (Italy), SVT (Sweden), NRK (Norway), Dr (Denmark) and ABC (Australia).