Director / Producer: Jeanie Finlay
Jeanie is a British artist and filmmaker who is obsessed with music and telling other people’s stories. Her previous work includes SOUND IT OUT, Goth Cruise, Teenland (BBC4). Currently in production:  ORION: The Man Who Would be King and Pantomime

“As soon as I read about the deception Silibil n’ Brains pulled off I knew I wanted to make a film about their story. I was intrigued with how the lie took on a life of it’s own and ran away from them.

Everybody lies everyday, as much as 10 times in 3 minutes when we meet someone new. Lying is a fundamental part of human nature – but what happens when you lie about your whole identity to get what you want? I felt haunted by the idea that the boys changed themselves fundamentally, all for the hollow promise of fame. I wanted to discover how they did it and what the lasting effect on them was…

I couldn’t have pulled it off, I am a terrible liar!”

Photo: Jo Irvine

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