Goth Night

  Nottingham Contemporary, 2010 Members of the public, including many members of the East Midland’s Goth community came to Nottingham Contemporary on Thursday September 9th, 2010 for a special screening of Goth Cruise, a Q&A hosted by Chris Cooke of Mayhem Horror Film Festival and a Goth after party hosted by the Ministry of Goth. […]

Karaoke Night

2010 Do you remember Sweet Caroline, do you have the Eye of the Tiger or are you a Dancing Queen? Have you got the X factor? Will your performance be the most heartfelt. Are you Beyonce, Bowie or Ga Ga? Whose song best tells your story, who will you choose so you can really be […]

A life at the mill

A Fleet Arts Project by Jeanie Finlay A collection of video portraits of ten mill workers, past and present, living in and around the Derwent Valley, Derbyshire. The film details the important role that work played in their lives, how it felt; to clean a mill, to work all your life, to face retirement, to […]


2001 – 2003 Artists Nina Pope and Karen Guthrie mentored Jeanie Finlay in the development of her professional practice. They observed the research and development of Citizens and When was the last time you said I love you? Jeanie observed and participated in the development and implimentation of their project TV Swansong. Throughout the initiative […]

Home-Maker Publication

This publication tells the story of Home-Maker, an interactive documentary that explores the lives of seven housebound older people in Derbyshire, England and Tokyo, Japan by British artist Jeanie Finlay. As an extension of the artwork, the texts and images reflect on the relationships between contemporary art, documentary and notions of home. Edited by Sophie […]

Home from home

2006 Home from Home is a trajectory from Home-Maker, an interactive documentary exploring the lives of seven older people living in Derbyshire and Tokyo by the artist Jeanie Finlay. When Home-Maker came to Aberdeen Art Gallery an extension of the artwork was realised by the artist Heather Delday working with an elderly group living in […]

Home Clearance 2006 Ebay member Jeaniequeeniered has a feedback score of 126 which comes from 138 successful transactions. For Sideshow and Make TV Jeaniequeeniered (aka Jeanie Finlay) undertook a Home Clearance, putting 9 items of sentimental value up for sale on ebay. The online audience bid for items on ebay and joined her for the last […]

Heard it in the playground

2000 Heard it in the Playground is a lively inter-generational project initiated and designed by arts organisation Firebird and Sally Goldsmith. The project took children’s experience and older people’s memories of games and ‘playing out’ in the playground and street as a starting point for creative work. Jeanie Finlay introduced both groups to the Internet […]

Citizens 2001 Incorporating digital imaging, new writing, and the web Citizens investigates the notion of a virtual city, an online environment with a ‘living’ populace. Based around an ever-expanding series of poems by writer Steven Sheil (see below) inspired by experiences of city living, Citizens is a moving, living, mutable entity, with its own internal […]

Sky Mirror 2001 Nottingham Playhouse has commissioned a major piece of public art entitled Sky Mirror by acclaimed artist Anish Kapoor. Sky Mirror has inspired a range of associated visual arts. As part of this programme of work, artist Jeanie Finlay was commissioned to design and create a series of web pages and images inspired by […]


View Drowner 1999 Drowner is a series of images by Jeanie Finlay inspired by water, reflection and time-lapse photography, created through scanning body parts directly onto the computer. None of the images have been manipulated, they are seen as scanned. Drowner has been exhibited in a number of ways – as large scale projections, as […]

In Your Face

1996 – 99 In Your Face explores perceptions of beauty and appearance, using the words that people use to describe themselves as the basis for creating individual digital portraits. 100 visitors to the gallery over 4 weeks filled in a questionnaire concerning their appearance. 1. Describe your face – how you think it looks, and […]


2006 At each of the venues where Jeanie Finlay has installed her work, she has overseen the production of a new site specific piece to run simultaneously. For the Hatton Gallery, Newcastle, Jeanie specifically requested the assistance of the Friends of the Hatton Gallery to create a new installation entitled Belonging. All of the Friends […]

Ever Fallen

2002 “In my opinion she is perfect in every way… …but as it stands we are not together at the moment” Ever Fallen is a collection of real life love stories gathered from people throughout Nottingham and told continuosly on an led sign. “In researching a series of works on love I have interviewed many […]

Different for Girls

Launch Artwork 2007 Does your gender have any bearing on the work you make? From its appearance, the content, the access you acquire and the way it is perceived. Or does being female have no discernable impact? Jeanie Finlay chose to focus on the one uniting characteristic of the 16 Hen Weekend participants – […]

Lipstick Diaries

1998 6 women, 6 diaries. Collection of books, documenting the lipstick habits and exploits of six different women. Amy Anderson, Sarah Tutt . Barbara Craze . Pauline Finlay . Sarah Thom . Liane Sommers. Lady Bay Open Studios, Nottingham. Hockley Festival, Nottingham.


2006 Please describe the love of your life either lost, found or longed for. Visitors to the Hatton Gallery completed over 400 cards and covered 3 walls with lost loves throughout the duration of the Home-Maker show.


1998 – 2001 Tea-Toast-Technology (T3) was a 3 year digital project which engaged older people in South Derbyshire in the creation of digitally based artwork. T3 was initiated by community arts organisation Peoplexpress, and led by artist Jeanie Finlay. Participants explored the theme of love with dynamic and insightful results in this ground-breaking arts project. […]

House Clearance 2006 Live event by artist Jeanie Finlay to mark the end of her project Home-Maker March 14th 2006 1pm. Hatton Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. The racks and shelves of second hand shops are full of treasured photo albums, well-worn jumpers and tea stained cups cleared from the homes of the recently deceased. Once […]

When was the last time you said I love you?

2002 – 03 When was the last time you said I love you? is part of a series of works by Jeanie Finlay exploring the love stories of others. ” I’ve always been interested in hearing people’s stories. A lot of my previous art work has involved working with the general public, finding out about […]

Make your own damn karaoke portrait 2006 Are you a hunk of burning love, do you feel love or do you get teenage kicks all through the night? Will your performance be the most heartfelt… Have you got what it takes to beat the rest… Are you prepared to bribe your way to the top? Are you Beyonce, Bowie, Manson […]

Home-Maker 2003 – 2006 What makes a house a home? How does this change if you cannot leave? “an unprecedented, highly novel approach to portaiture” The Guardian Interactive documentary, installation, web site, live events and publication. Home-Maker is the result of two residencies which took place in the living rooms of seven housebound, older people […]

Please, please, please let me get what I want

2008 – 2010 Good times for a change, See, the luck I’ve had , Can make a good man, Turn bad So please please please,Let me, let me, let me, Let me get what I want, This time Haven’t had a dream in a long time, See, the life I’ve had, Can make a good […]