209. Dee Scott

Dee outside Selectadisc The first and last records i bought: First: Mississippi by Pussycat in 1976, at the age of 9 (still got it too!) Last: Philophobia by Arab Strap – from Fopp a few days ago The reason for funding this project is that I sincerely believe in the phrase ‘Use it or lose it’ and sadly this […]

208. Sean McManus

347_sean_abbeyroad_landscape To the next generation, the idea of going to a shop to buy a recording will probably seem as bizarre as the idea of going to a red box to make a phone call does now. But with the loss of physical formats, I think you also lose an important part of the […]

207. Anonymous

094. Ben Adler

093. Stephanie Webb


I love film and I love music – so the two combined, together with the subject of the closure of a vinyl record shop was a winner for me.  Nowadays I tend to buy music online (although I still like to own a physical object which is then ripped to mp3), but I have many […]

206. Line Langebek

Photo on 2010-07-24 at 19.29

London, UK Why did I support this? Because I love Jeanie’s eye for the unusual, sense of humour and we need more left of centre films up there on the big screen (and the small screens!) not less. Because I love record shops (may they never go away) and vinyl, old and new. The first […]

205. Nathaniel Miller

Nottingham, UK

204. Kate Orton

Brighton, UK

203. Rob Fletcher

202. Noel Murphy

201. Neil Fox

P1020517 As a filmmaker and vinyl lover, how could I not be part of Sound It Out. We need vinyl, we need record shops, we need shops that are part of a community, that understand the beauty of artefact and the power of music and literature, cinema, art. This film is needed to spread […]

200. James Waite

199. Phillip Harding

198. Cath Tyler

IMG_1472 Newcastle, UK Record shops to me have meant everything from music to a place to hang out to a supply of booze to a place to see music happen with music all around. we have lots of vinyl, but not a collection as such. if there weren’t places we could go to get more, […]

197. Hazel Mills

196. Ambient Air Conditioning

195. David Moss

194. Anonymous

This is a fab project!! Support independent retailers & documentary makers. Can’t wait to see the end result. Good Luck Jeanie & Gang.

193. Distraction Records

Newcastle, UK

192. Joe Whittingham

191. Anonymous

190. Donkey Stone Films

Nottingham, UK

189. David Birch

188. Emma Hewitt