2007, 60 mins

Teenland is a documentary directed by British artist Jeanie Finlay for BBC4.

Four bedrooms, four teenagers, four portraits of life behind the closed bedroom door.

Teenland takes us into the sanctuary of four British adolescents on the brink of adulthood and explores their passions, obsessions and hopes for the future.

Pick of the day – The Times, Telegraph, Guardian, Daily Mail, Radio Times, The Observer, The Independent

“Amusing and affecting this fine documentary takes us places film-makers don’t often reach” Radio Times

“Jeanie Finlay’s film reminded you how weird the teenager is, or – shudder of self-recognition – was.” The Times

“Brilliant…..an almost-fairytale atmosphere as we push the doors into the forbidden kingdom of teenage minds.” Four Docs

“Personal and touching” …”an alternative view to the tabloid image of teenagers as knife-wielding hoodies.” – The Times

“Insightful” – The Observer

Vikki – when Vikki went to bed she wasn’t old enough to buy a lottery ticket, five years later she’s an adult and still in her bedroom and doesn’t know when she’s going to come out.

Scott – ‘My room is like my castle, it’s my room, it’s my rules’ Scott always dreamt of playing for Nottingham Forest but when a childhood illness crushed his dreams, he learnt to play the game on his Xbox and now he’s up there with the best.

Lizzie – Lizzie painted her walls red to reflect the anger in her life. She’s moved house, gone blonde and painted her walls white and now she feels like a different person.

Immy – Immy doesn’t want to be famous for a reason, she wants to be famous for being famous. Immy’s two bedrooms reflect her unique style and identity.

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