Nottingham Lace

Documentary, 2010, 25/21 minutes

A Glimmer Films production for  tve’s Life on the Edge, for BBC World News. Shown in 192 countries worldwide.
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Directed and filmed by Jeanie Finlay
Production: Glimmer Films
Camera: Steven Sheil
Edit and Grade: Lucas Roche
Series Editor: Steve Bradshaw

Once the Lace Market of Nottingham pounded to the Heavy Metal beat of its handmade lace-making machines… but no more. Cluny Lace is the last of its kind, still making world beautiful lace with it’s antique Leavers Jacquard machines.

Charles Mason is the last of the lace makers. He has inherited a family business that’s had to confront technological change, globalisation and the credit crunch recession.

The future is unpredictable. But despite the changes he has seen in the lace trade, Charles Mason firmly believes his unorthodox answer to globalization can pay off.

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