Retrospective at Broadway Cinema throughout September

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I am VERY excited about this – a retrospective of (almost) all of my films at the brilliant Broadway Cinema throughout September, culminating in a gala screening of Orion the movie.

Come and see Goth Cruise, SOUND IT OUT (with Tom Butchart Q&A), The Great Hip Hop Hoax, Love Takes and Nottingham Lace on the big screen.

PS – Panto! is showing again at Christmas

More info and tickets –

2 Responses to “Retrospective at Broadway Cinema throughout September”

  1. Hello Jeanie,

    Just wanted to say I have watched Orian and its fab, and I thought it was the same Jeanie I worked with at The Broadway! I am so very happy for you persuing your dreams and wish you very much success for ever and ever. I hope you remember me, we had some good times at FOH.

    If you have a spare minute or two take a look at the Steps for the Future website and Facebook, it’s a Performing Arts charity for adults with disabilities which I founded and run as CEO. We have dance, drama and music classes. Just thought you might be interested xx

    much love,
    Maggie xxxx

  2. Gabby Bruce says:

    Hi Jeanie… My name is Gabby Bruce and I along with Finley Duncan produced Jimmie’s Sun Records first deal with That’s Alright Now Momma, and Blue Moon Over Kentucky. It was the original idea of Shelby Singleton who turned the project over to us at Playground Recording Studios in Valparaiso, Florida
    in 1977 – 78. If I can help fill you in with some additional information about the early years I would love to help. We all loved Jimmie and he was fabulous to work with. He came a long way from his Kentucky Walking Horse training days. I hope I have the opportunity to view your Documentary on Jimmie. Thank you and have a great week.

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