In Your Face explores perceptions of beauty and appearance, using the words that people use to describe themselves as the basis for creating individual digital portraits.

100 visitors to the gallery over 4 weeks filled in a questionnaire concerning their appearance.

1. Describe your face – how you think it looks, and how you think others see you.

2. What is your best feature?

3. If you could have painless free plastic surgery what would you change (if anything) and why?

4. What would you consider to be beautiful in others? This could include examples of people or features etc.

They then digitally manipulated their responses, and the resulting portraits were shown in the gallery in two ways, both as full colour transparencies and also as part of an interactive multimedia display documenting the work in progress.

Multimedia, digital projection, glass. 1996 – 99

Commissioned by Broadway, Nottingham and funded by the Arts Council new audiences fund. Supported by Gallery of the Future, Pyramid Press, CCT Lighting, Iomega, Hopkinsons and Kodak.

Broadway Cinema, Nottingham 1999
Hockley FestivaL, Nottingham 1998
Eye Like Toffee Pennies, Nottingham Community Arts 1996