Home-Maker tells the story of an interactive documentary the same name, that explores the lives of seven housebound older people in Derbyshire, England and Tokyo, Japan by British artist Jeanie Finlay. As an extension of the artwork, the texts and images reflect on the relationships between contemporary art, documentary and notions of home.

Edited by Sophie Hope, (B+B) with contributions from François MatarassoAnne Douglas and Heather Delday (On the Edge) Hitomi Hasegawa, (Work in Progress), Jeanie Finlay in conversation with Gareth Howell and project participants Monji Kimiaki, Emi Akutgawa amd Roy Witham.


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Home-Maker book
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Perfect bound book. 64 pages. Publisher: Ruby Words. 2007
ISBN: 0955098904. 1st Edition

Download extract Meet the Homemakers by Sophie Hope. 4.1mb pdf


Publication cover

Publication cover